Capstone Project

OnTap is a sleek looking, fully functional platform for bar managers and bar goers.

Bar Manages can set up an account with their bar’s information. This includes uploading a logo, hours of operation, happy hour specials, beers on tap, in-house games, current sports packages, a message area, and a spot for user reviews.


All features are fully editable by the bar manager.

As an example, let’s say the bar wanted to update the tap list.  Here you see how easy it is to delete something out of the list.

Search for any beer on the market.

This feature calls the _____ API and populates a list of beers meeting the search parameters. Select by clicking “Add Beer”, which then adds the beer to a holding list so you can add multiple beers at one time. The “Add to Tap List” buttons submits the request to the database and updates the list automatically.

Now for the bar goer side.

Here bar goes can follow and unfollow bars, see the bar specials from the bars you follow, leave bar reviews, and search for the bar by proximity to your current location.

As you can see this application could be awesome for any bar owner or bar goer!


Chris Balleto

Jr Developer | Full Stack

C#  |  ASP.Net  |  JavaScript  |  HTML  |  CSS

Hired at MGIC

About Me

Graduate of devCodeCamp Software Development – Full Stack Program

In under 150 days I went from a retail manager to a Business Intelligence Developer at a very respected company, excellent pay, and fantastic benefits all because of devCodeCamp. At a traditional school this would be impossible and much more expensive. If you are motivated and ready for a serious challenge that will change your life than this course is for you.

Experience Prior to devCodeCamp: None

Capstone Project: OnTap

The Tech: MVC 4, C#, MySQL, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Visual Studio, BreweryDB API, Google Maps API

Total time spent on project: 200+ hours