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Unleash Your Professional Potential With devCodeCamp 

Take your tech career to the next level with devCodeCamp.
We’ll teach you the coding, data, and design skills you need to stand out in today’s job market. 

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Best Coding Bootcamp – 2022

Course Report

Best Coding Bootcamp – 2022


Best Coding Bootcamp – 2022

Online Bootcamp

Welcome to devCodeCamp! We are a highly rated online bootcamp that provides courses in coding, data analytics and UI/UX development. Our goal is to equip students with the skills they need to become successful software engineers, analysts and designers. 

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At devCodeCamp we strive to provide our students with the best educational experience possible so they can reach their career goals quickly. Our unique teaching methodology allows students to work at their own pace while providing guidance and feedback along the way. 

“It was the best decision I ever made. Financially, professionally, personally, all of the above.”

Dan M. / Alumni Spotlight Interview

“You just need to learn and trust the process. I had an offer within 6 days, and I’ll admit that was fast, but it has changed my life!”

Christopher M. / Course Report

We are driven by values

Our online program includes courses taught by industry professionals and mentors who are experts in their field. They have real-world experience that can help you apply your new knowledge right away. Our comprehensive curriculum covers all aspects of software engineering, data analysis and user experience design, including the following topics: 

Coding: We teach JavaScript, React.js, Python, Django, Flask, Node.js, Express.js, SQL, DevOps, AWS, and Cloud Computing so you can develop apps with modern frameworks. 

Data Analytics: Learn how to use Python, SQL, Tableau, Jupyter Notebook, Selenium, Web Scraping, Exploratory Data Analysis, and APIs to do predictive analytics and create compelling visualizations from data sets. 

UI/UX Development: Build beautiful websites and mobile applications with UX/UI principles for users across platforms with JavaScript, design, UI/UX, React.js, UI libraries, testing, and APIs. 

We can help you achieve your career goals

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